Words. Art. Motion.

Motiva is a multi-faceted form of expression,
uniquely capturing the essence of
ideas, thoughts, truths and beliefs.

Hidden expressions come to life, revealing the most inspiring,
motivating and provocative statements.


BY Malika Favre

Limited Edition

Muhammad Ali

BY Noma Bar

Limited Edition

Motiva's artwork is printed on fine-art paper and mounted on an oak wood frame, blending a classic design with a modern experience.

A new form of

Motiva is the creative work of outstanding people from multiple disciplines - artists, writers, photographers and thought leaders from around the world.


Noma Bar

Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Artist

Malika Favre

Illustrator and Graphic Artist

Prof. Dan Ariely

Researcher & Author

Prof. Aaron Ciechanover

Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry

Michal Snunit

Author, Poet & Journalist