Anna Devís & Daniel Rueda |
Photographers & Visual Artists

"Motiva has led us to create an image that reflects on what we believe
are some of the key issues affecting girls and women"

Dasha Pears |
Surreal Visual Artist & Photographer

"Motiva seamlessly aligns with my creative process as it allows me to incorporate my love for collecting quotes from various sources"

Malika Favre |
Illustrator and Graphic Artist

"A seamless balance between technology and Art."

Noma Bar |
Graphic Designer, Illustrator & Artist

"Motiva has allowed me to explore a new platform for my illustrations"

A New Dimension
to Visual Art

Motiva seamlessly merges inspiring quotes with captivating artwork offering artists a new medium of expression.

Our community of artists and creators work with Motiva to generate moments of thoughtfulness, inspiration, and motivation while bringing to life the unique concept of Motiva.

Add a New Dimension to Your Art

Join the growing collection of illustrators, photographers and visual designers.