Karim Rashid: The Award-Winning Designer joins Motiva

Motiva has partnered with the renowned industrial designer Karim Rashid, for an exclusive collaboration that celebrates Karim’s visionary design.

“My quote ‘Design is about putting the right words in the right order’ is Motiva’s manifest in a way.”

–Karim Rashid


Karim Rashid is known for his extraordinary, innovative, and uber-cool designs and his latest collaboration with Motiva is all that!

The Award-Winning and American Prize for Design laureate Karim Rashid designs his first Motiva- ‘Putting the right words in the right order’. This series of three Motivas, each with a limited edition of 10, and signed by Karim celebrates his unique design aesthetic and personality, featuring his inspirational quotes about design and shaping culture.


Karrim Rashid signs his Motiva

Karrim Rashid signs his Motiva


“This idea of statements, quotes, and verbal or literal syntax communication is beautiful and quite powerful and the letters on the grid, just the formalizing of it is also beautiful,” said Karim.

Karim’s Motiva features his personal ten quotes he has used for years about design and shaping culture. These quotes are powerful and inspiring, and when combined with the beautiful grid of letters on the Motiva, they become a true work of art. On this Karim commented, “My quote “Design is about putting the right words in the right order” is Motiva’s manifest in a way.”


'Putting the right words in the right order' by Karim Rashid

Karim Rashid with his Motiva


“Art is about communication, it’s about sending a message, your views, and expressions. I was always very interested in this idea where technology crosses art, and when I met Motiva I thought to myself “Wow! This is exactly like the kind of work I believe in”, where you cross this boundary.” Karim describes his first reaction to Motiva.

“Motiva developed some beautiful technology, where you have something in your home that is beautiful to look at, but at the same time, there is a literal message of communication that is forever changing, forever in movement – as we are.” says Karim.


Karim Rashid

‘Putting the right words in the right order’ by Karim Rashid


This collaboration has allowed Karim to fully express himself through Motiva’s ‘philosophical art’, showcasing his unique design aesthetic and personality. His fearlessness in exploring new possibilities in art and design is a testament to his visionary approach and dedication to his craft.

This series of 3 Motivas is a result of Karim Rashid and Motiva embodying their shared vision of the power of art and technology to inspire and transform the world. Karim’s incorporation of digital technology into his designs is perfectly aligned with our mission to create innovative and sustainable solutions.


L-R: Karim Rashid, Arnon Gilboa, Ronen Shilo


Karim’s ability to blur the lines between art and functionality, combined with Motiva’s innovative technology, has resulted in a work of art that is not only beautiful but also communicates a powerful message about the importance of design in shaping culture.

This series explores the power of design to inspire positive change, and we are honored to have Karim’s support and creative vision in this endeavor.
We hope to explore new possibilities and create innovative art together that inspires, provokes thought, and fills a room with emotions.

‘’Putting the right words in the right order’ is now available on motiva.art