Introducing Motiva- Philosophical Art Hanging on Your Wall

Motiva is a new medium of expression for creators, writers, artists, and thought leaders to reflect their passion and inspiration.

“Minds of people need a good revolution and great quotations are good revolutionists!”

-Mehmet Murat Ildan.  

Most people love to read inspiring quotes, be it posters in a living room, frames at work or a forwarded WhatsApp text, quotes are inescapable. They trigger something inside us.

At some point in life, everyone needs a little inspiration ‘when the going gets tough’. Quotes often help boost motivation, stay focused and act as a pick-me-up on occasions of lapsed inspiration.

Besides this, people love to imbibe a timely dose of wisdom especially when it comes from great people who have achieved great things in life. Through quotes, emerges new perspectives and thoughts that spark imagination and can be life enhancing.

Quotes of great personalities and thought leaders have been a major source of inspiration to the founder of Motiva, Ronen Shilo. He believes wisdom comes from those who have achieved great things in life. Some of his key inspirational figures include Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and also the fictional infamous Tony Soprano. Besides being extraordinary people, each of them delivered timely wisdom through their impactful and inspiring quotes.

His deep love for quotes spawned an innovative idea of presenting quotes in a meaningful way. This idea was then spelled out as a technological challenge that needed to be met. Motiva was developed as digital art for the screen which eventually evolved into a multi-faceted product fusing art and technology.

Art is all about expression and when put together with inspirational quotes, conveys an all-encompassing and compelling message that can never go unseen. The heart of Motiva is its quotes, and the brain is its finely tuned system that allows light to illuminate through paper, to reveal words that are then presented as a quote.

Through three years of extensive research and development, an original design concept was conceived for Motiva, where the algorithm visually compresses inspiring quotes into a unique letter grid that is part of Motiva’s artistic composition. The quotes remain hidden within the grid and reveal themselves at the right moment creating a beautiful element of surprise for the viewer.

Motiva is a new medium of expression and art tool for creators, writers, artists, and thought leaders to reflect their passion and inspiration. Motivational and thought-provoking quotes are complemented by striking imagery which makes it unique. Unlike a traditional piece of art, a Motiva is “alive”- it captivates the viewer through its powerful viewing experience using technology, light, and motion.

The vision behind Motiva is brought to life by a growing list of creators, who understand Motiva to be a vehicle to express their ideas and carry their message in a new form, creating a timeless impression. Motiva creators include Warren Buffett, Prof. Aaron Ciechanover, Diane von Furstenberg, Prof. Dan Ariely, Malika Favre, Noma Bar, Anna Devis & Daniel Rueda and more. 

Through this technological innovation that meets design and art, Motiva, a first of its kind, aims to reach more individuals and creators to use this medium not only to present their ideas but also to spark thoughtful discussions and conversations around significant topics.