Néstor Canavarro

Graphic Designer & Illustrator

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Néstor Canavarro is an Argentinian illustrator and graphic designer based in Buenos Aires.

Passionate about drawing from an early age, Néstor is an auto deduct having worked as an illustrator for textile, publishing, record, and advertising companies as well as doing privately commissioned work. 

Néstor graduated in 1989 from the University of Buenos Aires with a degree in graphic design, specializing in typographic design. For the next 10 years, he joined the university’s staff teaching typography.

In 1990 Nestor founded his own design and illustration studio serving clients in corporate, textile, and automobile industries in various projects including, signage, packaging, and product development.

With the freedom to experiement with different styles and techniques, Nestor’s artistic approach is driven by his ability to observe and interpret the codes that make up the visual language around him.

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