Yafit Riklin

Artist & Graphic Designer

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Yafit Riklin has always discovered happiness in the act of creation, viewing it as a natural path that fosters personal evolution and growth. Her artworks stand as reflective mirrors of her journey, encapsulating the evolution within herself and her surroundings.

In 2001 Yafit founded Tifa Arts Studio. The establishment of Tifa Arts Studio marked a significant milestone in Yafit’s career. Every project that comes to life in the studio bears a unique and profound essence.

Yafit’s portfolio boasts notable projects like the Science Center in Beijing, spa complexes in Shanghai and the USA, Azrieli Palas Lehavim Assisted Living in Netanya, and Moshava Stadium in Midtown Tel Aviv. Their artistic imprint graces lobbies, hotels, workspaces, restaurants, and both indoor and outdoor collaborative spaces.

A standout creation from Yafit’s portfolio is the Tifa-art: Libellula Legacy collection. Inspired by the language of dragonflies, this collection embodies the influence of nature, organic textures, sacred geometry, and the seamless harmony of architecture. Natural materials such as copper, brass, natural iron, gems, cotton, and glass are intricately woven into the design. This series offers customizable items like mezuzahs, gates, railings, benches, wall ornaments, and elements that effortlessly blend with low-maintenance plant arrangements, indoors and outdoors. Yafit has developed a modular language that fosters personal imagination to create distinctive, one-of-a-kind pieces.

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