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Ted Barr is a multi-faceted artist and writer whose creative journey unfolds as an inspiring odyssey. Born in Romania in 1957, Ted currently resides in Tel Aviv, Israel. With a background in economics and an M.B.A. from Tel Aviv University, Ted’s foray into art was guided by his master, Shlomo Tzafrir, whose wisdom led him to always keep his canvases and colors within arm’s reach. Ted’s art weaves a narrative between canvases and real life, where personal experiences and emotions meld seamlessly.

Ted’s unique “FLY” technique, representing “Free the Life within You,” is a testament to his embrace of the unexpected. Flowing colors, the fusion of contrasting elements, and the layering of lacquers form the essence of his innovative approach.

Beyond his canvas creations, Ted is an accomplished author, offering a diverse range of books that traverse children’s literature, allegory, and practical guides. His artistic journey has extended into fashion, automotive art, handmade carpets, furniture, and architectural facades.

Ted’s message to the world is simple but profound: “Have magic in your life.”

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