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Slasky is an established Italian artist whose works have been exhibited in solo and group exhibitions at an international level; including the prestigious Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam.

Slasky has the ability to blend classic works of art with contemporary digital art techniques. With his classic neo-urban style, he combines tradition and modernity, bringing the protagonists of the original works of art into contemporary social and artistic environments.

Slasky’s work is a fusion of urban influences and classic pop contemporary art in which it represents the icons of this century and those that make the moments of history meaningful. His style is very personal thanks to some of the most recognizable images in the world. His works have an immediate sense of familiarity, but presented with an injection, sometimes an explosion of color and life that absorbs them with richness and modernity. Details are pushed front and center into his canvases, using contrasting color techniques, textured backgrounds and silkscreen prints to create the same subject in various shapes, separating them from their backdrops.

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