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Andrea Martinez, also known as Amarti, is a Colombian-British designer based in York, UK, where she lives with her husband and children. She runs her own art and surface design studio, where its unique approach to design is inspired by her diverse background and experiences.

Amarti graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from Los Andes University and later completed a Master’s degree in Architecture in Regeneration from Oxford Brookes University. She has also completed courses in interior decoration at the Chelsea College of Arts and Design, and drawing and painting at The Heatherley School of Fine Art.

After a decade of working as an architect, Amarti pursued her passion for art and design, channeling her creativity into fine art and surface design. Her unique approach involves blending handcrafted methods with digital techniques, resulting in visually captivating textures that set her designs apart. Amarti’s innovative ‘handcrafted digital art’ includes painting with sand and plasticine on acrylic, techniques that allow her to achieve stunning visual effects that add depth and texture to her pieces.

Her diverse background and knowledge of space have shaped her unique perspective and approach to design, making her a valuable addition to the creative and interior design community.

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