Motiva ‘Comes To Life’ at Design London, 2022

For the first time, Motiva presented a wide collection of Motivas for visitors to view in person at Design London 2022.
Visitors were enthralled as the quotes appeared on the artwork in front of their eyes.

“The principle of true art is not to portray but to evoke.”

– Jerzy Kosinski


For the first time, Motiva presented a wide collection of Motivas for visitors to view in person at Design London 2022, from 21st September to 24th September. Only meters away from the iconic O2 Arena, Design London returned to North Greenwich with its second edition, as part of the annual London Design Festival. (LDF)




Design London This Year

Following its successful inaugural launch in 2021, Design London doubled its show space this year. It was the most extensive contemporary LDF design destination for architects and interior designers. Which sources cutting-edge furniture, kitchens and bathrooms, lighting, and architectural fittings. 

This four-day event brought together a highly curated selection of established and emerging design brands from around the globe as well as a compelling line-up of international pavilions, experiential installations, comprehensive design discussions, and exclusive parties under one roof.



Motiva at Design London

Held in the striking venue of Magazine London, Motiva exhibited a comprehensive collection of six Motivas nestled in a bespoke booth created for Motiva. The collection included- L’envol by Malika Favre, Charlie by Noma Bar, StrongHer by Anna Devís + Daniel Rueda, Construction and Deconstruction by Udi Bassis and Leonardo Da Vinci, and Amelia Earhart by Motiva. We curated this selection based on their elegant design, social theme & relevance to the design exhibition. 



An Ode to Her Majesty- The Queen Elizabeth II Motiva 

On September 8th, 2022, the world mourned the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Motiva remembers how she inspired us with her powerful words and timeless grace. As the Design London event coincided with the passing of the Queen, we decided to create a Motiva of Queen Elizabeth II, as an homage to her tenacity, commitment, and inspiration. 

The creation process was sure challenging given the short time period, but we successfully presented a unique Motiva of Her Majesty along with the collection of six other Motivas.

This Motiva represents the timeless grace and eternal memory of the Queen as it hangs forever on the wall. Her powerful and inspiring words come alive in special moments. As the words light up to spell out a collection of her most memorable quotes.



Motiva’s Bespoke Booth

The four-day event kick-started with a large number of visitors stopping by our booth to experience Motiva’s mesmerizing presence in person. We received an impeccable response throughout the 4 days with large number of visitors showing great interest in Motiva. And its unique concept that combines quotes with art through technology. 

Nestled in our bespoke booth– the collection of six Motivas, hanging on the wall, magically revealed quotes. It attracted a large number of designers, architects, interior decorators, influencers, and many others. Motiva was highly appreciated by groups of people who understood design, art, and technology. 



Visitor’s Response to Motiva

Visitors were enthralled as the quotes appeared on the artwork in front of their eyes. As it created a magical effect on them. Motiva was perceived as a unique and new form of art. And which needs to be out there for the world to see. We also received great feedback from visitors about Motiva’s fine design, functional and clean features, and maintaining its appearance as a physical art piece while concealing its technological depths. 



Motiva’s Experience at Design London

Overall, Motiva had an incredible experience at Design London this year, with plenty to take back from it. We were able to build new relationships, extend our network and create an extended pool of Motiva’s audience and creators. The event concluded with a wonderful experience. Thanks to the overwhelming response from visitors over the course of the four days.

Design London proved to be a great platform to showcase Motiva’s concept and its potential to the world. We came back with strong winds under our sails and are already planning the next exhibition to introduce the world to Motiva and Philosophical Art.