Women in Art: Andrea Martinez’s Artistic Journey

Discover the captivating world of Andrea Martinez (Amarti), an artist who combines traditional craftsmanship with modern technology in her handcrafted digital art. From her architectural background to the influences that shape her work, explore Andrea’s creative journey and her thought-provoking piece ‘Merging Horizons.’


“Hands and minds unite for progress and innovation.”

– Andrea Martinez


Welcome to our exclusive interview with artist Andrea Martinez, (Amarti) a creative force who merges a kaleidoscope of styles, techniques, cultures, and disciplines. Join us as we delve into her artistic journey, inspirations, and the captivating world of her handcrafted digital art along with her latest Motiva- ‘Merging Horizons‘.


Q: Hi Andrea! Can you tell us something interesting about yourself?

A: Sure! I’m like an artistic chameleon, constantly shape-shifting and blending a colorful medley of styles, techniques, cultures, and disciplines. I’m a creative kaleidoscope, refusing to settle for just one flavor. My mind is a wild collage of ideas, and I’m here to shake things up in the most exciting and unexpected ways!




Q: You were born in Bogotá, Colombia and now live in the UK. How did you get there? Tell us your story.

A: After completing a Master’s degree in Architecture in Regeneration at Oxford Brooks, UK, I returned to Colombia. However, fate had a delightful twist in store for me. While working in Colombia, a Cambridge-based architecture firm offered me a position back in the UK. It was during my time with this firm that I met my husband. As a result, I chose not to return to Colombia, opting to stay in the UK to build my life here with my partner.



Q: How did the departure from Architecture happen? How did you get into hand-crafted art and digital art?

A: Motherhood changed everything for me. I realized that juggling both architecture and being a mom wasn’t going to be easy. So, I made a bold choice to dedicate those precious early years to my children. Little did I know, this decision would lead me on an incredible journey of rediscovery.

As I immersed myself in motherhood, something magical happened. I reignited my love for working with my hands. It was as if a creative flame had been sparked within me. What’s even more amazing is that all the knowledge and skills I gained in architecture and interior design found a new purpose.

Instead of leaving architecture behind, I saw an opportunity to recycle it remarkably. That’s when the idea of an art and design studio was born. It became my canvas for merging my expertise with my passion, creating a harmonious blend of art and functionality.



Q: How would you describe your style of work? What is your favorite thing in the world to create?

A: My style can be best described as ‘handcrafted digital art.’ It’s a captivating blend that combines the tactile nature of traditional craftsmanship with the endless possibilities offered by digital tools. In my creative process, I start by engaging my senses, using my hands to craft and shape each piece. But that’s just the beginning.

As I progress, I embrace the transformative power of digital tools, allowing my artwork to evolve into something truly unique. It’s a seamless integration where the beauty of handcrafted art converges with the innovations of new technologies.

When it comes to my favorite subject to paint, it’s all about capturing beauty. There’s nothing quite like the satisfaction I feel when I believe I’ve done justice to my subject, capturing at least a fragment of its true beauty. It’s a delightful challenge that drives me to bring out the essence and reveal it through my art.



Q: Who are your biggest artistic influences/ What inspires you?

A: I find inspiration in individuals with extraordinary skills and talent, as well as a sense of balance and humor. Artists such as Frank Lloyd Wright, John Everett Millet, Escher, Van Gogh, and Banksy have had a profound impact on me.

Frank Lloyd Wright’s fusion of nature and structure, Millet’s storytelling approach, Escher’s mind-bending illusions, van Gogh’s vibrant expression, and Banksy’s thought-provoking street art influenced my artistic journey.
Their unique perspectives and techniques continue to shape and ignite my imagination. They remind me to embrace creativity, push boundaries, and find my voice as an artist.



Q: What has been the biggest satisfaction you have experienced in your art career?

A: The biggest satisfaction in my art career was being shortlisted this year as a finalist in the Creative Business Startups Awards for best creative business in the UK Northeast Region. It was a validating moment that recognized my dedication and artistic vision. This achievement boosted my confidence and inspired me to continue pushing boundaries in my art career.



Q: How has being a woman affected your career? What challenges did you face as a female artist?

A: Being a woman has greatly impacted my career as an artist. Balancing the responsibilities of motherhood with my art practice has been a challenge, but it has also been a wellspring of inspiration and strength. Art’s flexibility allows me to spend quality time with my children while pursuing my passion.

Motherhood has played a pivotal role in my journey as an artist. It has sparked deep gratitude within me, and without it, I may not have chosen to become an artist. I am grateful for the opportunity to channel my creativity while nurturing a fulfilling family life.

As a female artist, I’ve faced unique challenges, but it has also empowered me to embrace my voice, challenge stereotypes, and celebrate the strength of womanhood. I find inspiration in the harmonious balance between motherhood and my artistic practice, and it continues to shape my artistic perspective.



Q: What made you come up with ‘Merging Horizons’? Can you tell us more about it? Why did you pick this title/theme?

A: The idea behind ‘Merging Horizons‘ stemmed from my fascination with painting using sand as a medium. I wanted to capture the essence of movement, light, and volume with it and opted to paint a landscape that paradoxically consists of sand itself—a desert landscape. It was an artistic twist, using sand as both the subject and the medium. The sand painting sand concept adds a layer of intrigue and irony to the artwork.

The title ‘Merging Horizons’ has a double meaning. On the one hand, it refers to the horizon depicted in the landscape, symbolizing vastness and new possibilities. On the other hand, it represents the blend of artistic techniques and their endless potential. By combining the tactile art of sand painting with other elements, I aimed to create a harmonious fusion, exploring the boundaries between them.

‘Merging Horizons’ invites you to dive into the interplay of textures, movement, and light within the artwork.
Through this piece, I want to inspire you to contemplate the limitless possibilities that arise when different artistic elements merge. ‘Merging Horizons’ encapsulates my artistic journey and the endless horizons of creative expression.



Q: What drew you to Motiva? How was your experience?

A: What drew me to Motiva was its beautiful and elegant presentation, which perfectly matched the message of my artwork. Seeing Motiva, I knew it was the perfect platform to show light the importance of handcrafted digital art.
My experience with Motiva was fulfilling. It provided a space to showcase the fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology that defines my artistic style. It allowed me to connect with a broader audience.


Q: What are your thoughts on collaborating with Motiva?

A: Collaborating with Motiva has been a joy from start to finish. I loved every moment of working together, and I hope to have more collaborations in the future. The experience was seamless, and it allowed me to showcase my art in a meaningful way. I appreciate the support and professionalism of the Motiva team, and I’m excited about the possibility of future collaborations that inspire and connect with art enthusiasts.

Merging Horizons is now available on our website gallery: motiva.art
(A limited edition of 10: available in English & Spanish)