Unravelling Motiva’s Visual Identity

Join us on a captivating journey as we unravel Motiva’s elegant visual identity and its creation in collaboration with design agency Pentagram. Explore the magic behind Motiva’s typography-driven visual identity, as it beautifully harmonizes Motiva’s contrasting elements while seamlessly bringing profound messages to life.


“Brand is the story. Design is the storytelling.”

– Susan Sellers


Unraveling Motiva’s Visual Identity

Welcome to a fascinating journey that unveils the remarkable collaboration between Motiva and Pentagram in crafting a brand identity that beautifully harmonizes the multiple, and at times, contrasting elements that define Motiva’s essence. As a company born at the intersection of art and technology. Motiva embodies the harmonious blend of words and art, empowered by cutting-edge technology, to bring forth philosophical masterpieces adorning your walls.

Motiva is a perfect balance of contrasts, where simplicity meets sophistication, and subtlety resonates with power. Where conventional art meets innovative philosophical art that conceals its high-tech features, Intriguingly quiet yet unmistakably loud. And where Motiva inspires not only through its mesmerizing visuals but also through the profound words it carries. Motiva seamlessly blends art, technology, and philosophy to inspire.

To craft a visual identity that stays true to Motiva’s dynamic nature and skilfully navigates the delicate balance of contrasts. Motiva turned to Pentagram, renowned for its unparalleled creativity and expertise. Embarking on a meticulous journey, Pentagram sought to create an identity that serves as a mirror to the very essence of Motiva.


Motiva's Visual Identity


The Challenge of Crafting Motiva’s Visual Identity

Central to the challenge was creating a type that seamlessly blends with diverse artworks—ensuring both readability and visibility without overshadowing the underlying imagery. The visual-layering effect necessitated a delicate harmony between the artwork and the text. The goal was to maintain clean and simple imagery, allowing the words to emerge gracefully without overshadowing the canvas. As a brand that artfully merges technology, art, and philosophy, Motiva’s visual identity had to strike a precise balance. 

In this blog post, we embark on a journey to unravel the symphony of elegance that underpins Motiva’s brand. We will explore the challenge of harmonizing technology and artistry, blending the visible and invisible, and how Pentagram’s collaboration helped lay the foundation of Motiva’s visual identity based on the company’s core values.


Motiva's Visual Identity


Unveiling the Foundations of a Quietly Elegant Identity

At the heart of Motiva’s brand identity lies the notion of a quietly elegant identity. In crafting Motiva’s brand identity, Pentagram drew inspiration from Motiva’s core values and the symphony of elegance that underpins the brand. The resulting identity package accentuates the sleek, timeless, and simple nature of Motiva’s products, allowing the brand to exist gracefully in the background, yet making a lasting impression on those who encounter it.

This concept embodies the idea of creating a harmonious marriage between advanced technology and subtle aesthetics, allowing the product to shine without overpowering the viewer. By infusing this principle into every aspect of its visual identity, Motiva enables art, technology, and philosophy to coexist seamlessly.



Motiva's Visual Identity

The Motiva Logo: A Fusion of Form and Function

The first step in manifesting a quietly elegant identity was the creation of Motiva’s logo, which epitomizes clean, contemporary design. The logo, meticulously crafted by Pentagram, was designed to strike a balance between form and function. While subtly referencing the shape of the products themselves.

Its wordmark features a rounded interior corner with sharp exterior corners, ingeniously mimicking the frame that elegantly encases each individual print. This clever design choice adds a touch of artistic elegance and serves as a thoughtful nod to the essence of Motiva’s offerings. where technology and artistry intertwine seamlessly.


Motiva's Visual Identity


Typography as a Gateway to Philosophical Art

Text plays a pivotal role in Motiva’s philosophical art, and so a custom typeface was developed in collaboration with Pentagram. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s logo, the Motiva font beautifully reflects the elevated aesthetic of their prints, all the while maintaining a refined subtlety that allows the imagery to shine in all its glory.

The artistry continues in the presentation, where a monotype setting is thoughtfully applied to the artwork. This thoughtful approach ensures perfect harmony and balanced spacing between characters, seamlessly mirroring the intricate letter grid that is the core of Motiva’s pioneering technology.


Motiva's Visual Identity


The Play of Colors: Understated Sophistication

Motiva’s color palette is a masterful blend of contemporary sophistication and quiet elegance. The brand’s primary color palette consists of black, and white. And the soft peachy hue named Manila forms the foundation of Motiva’s visual identity.

To pay homage to artistic materials and further enhance the brand’s artistic essence. Pentagram introduced supplementary gray tones aptly named Pencil and Canvas, alongside a captivating gradient option. The gentle Manila tone plays a crucial role in introducing a subtly human element into the technology-driven company. This thoughtfully curated palette strikes a delicate balance between contemporary aesthetics and neutral tones, infusing the brand with an aura of quiet sophistication.


Motiva's visual identity


Motiva’s Seamless Fusion of Design 

Motiva’s brand identity stands as a testament to the power of embracing quiet elegance. Where technology, art, and philosophy harmoniously coexist. Through a seamless fusion of design elements, typography, colors, and innovative technology. Motiva, in collaboration with Pentagram, creates an experience that captivates viewers and leads them on a philosophical journey.

The brand’s sleek, timeless, and simple approach allows its products to speak for themselves. While bridging the gap between the worlds of art and technology. Motiva embraces a timeless quality that leaves a lasting impression on all who encounter it. By delving into the artful interplay of these elements,. Motiva unveils a new paradigm in visual identity that sets them apart in the modern artistic landscape.