Motiva Shalva

The Gift of Legacy: A Bespoke Motiva as a Tribute to Donors

In a unique and thoughtful approach, Shalva created a personalized Motiva, as an expression of appreciation as a gift to one of their esteemed long-time donors. This unique Motiva is a symbol of gratitude and inspiration, designed to evoke peace and serenity.


“May there be peace in your wall, Shalva, serenity in your palaces.”



The Gift of Legacy

Shalva, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering individuals with disabilities and fostering inclusion, has embarked on a remarkable initiative to express their profound gratitude towards their long-time donors. Shalva created a personalized Motiva art piece in a unique and thoughtful approach and gifted it to one of their special donors in a heartfelt ceremony.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of this Motiva, symbolizing Shalva’s gratitude. The ceremony showcased the children’s active participation, expressing their appreciation and sharing personal stories of the positive impact made by the donors. This Motiva served as a tangible reminder of the lasting influence the donors had on the lives of individuals with disabilities.


Crafting a Bespoke Motiva as a Tribute

Shalva’s commitment to recognizing the unwavering support of one of their esteemed long-time donors led them to create something extraordinary. They carefully curated a Motiva art piece, tailored to reflect the values, mission, and impact of Shalva, while conveying heartfelt appreciation. Motiva’s algorithm brought to life 14 inspiring quotes along with a special picture of the donors, creating a beautiful memento that will live on forever. They meticulously chose each element of the art piece to ensure a meaningful and lasting impression.



Symbolizing Gratitude and Serenity

This Motiva is a testament to Shalva’s appreciation and desire to spread peace and fulfillment. Through a combination of exquisite artwork and carefully selected quotes, the Motiva inspires not only the donors who receive it but also everyone who encounters its beauty. It serves as a beacon of hope and a reminder of the transformative impact of Shalva’s work reminder of the immense and a reminder of contribution made by their long-time donors, fostering a sense of serenity and gratitude.


The Power of Art to Create Connections

Understanding the profound impact of art in forging connections and leaving lasting impressions, Shalva believed that the Motiva art piece was the perfect medium to express their gratitude. Beyond its visual beauty, the Motiva embodies a meaningful message that aims to inspire peace and fulfillment in the lives of all who behold it. It serves as a constant reminder of the lasting impact made by Shalva and its donors, fostering a sense of serenity and joy.



Collaboration for an Inclusive World

We are deeply honored that Shalva chose Motiva, an organization that shares our vision for a more inclusive world. Together, we are united in a mission to spread serenity and joy through the incredible medium of art. By acknowledging the exceptional contributions of long-time donors and gifting them with the Motiva art piece, Shalva demonstrates their unwavering commitment to gratitude and appreciation.


‘Create Your Own’ Cherished Motiva

At Motiva, we celebrate the remarkable power of preserving legacies and inspiring future generations. ‘Create your own’ helps you embark on a heartfelt journey of crafting a truly timeless gift that captures the essence of your loved ones and immortalizes their precious memories. The quotes of your choice combined with a timeless visual embodied in your Motiva then becomes a treasured keepsake—a testament to the unique legacy and meaningful memories it holds.

Whether you choose to create a Motiva for your personal collection or as a heartfelt gift for someone dear, the result will be an exquisite masterpiece that encapsulates the very essence of that special person or entity. Celebrate and preserve the legacies that matter most to you, allowing future generations to be inspired by the wisdom and sentimentality they embody.


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