Celebrating Israel’s Independence Day with David Ben Gurion’s Powerful Quotes

Happy Independence Day, Israel!

Today, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, a historic moment that marked the realization of the Jewish people’s dream of self-determination in their ancestral homeland.

To honor this special day, we at Motiva are thrilled to introduce our latest artwork, which combines the powerful words of David Ben Gurion, the first prime minister of Israel, with stunning imagery that captures the essence of the Israeli spirit.

“One does not write history, but makes it.”

–David Ben Gurion


David Ben Gurion is widely considered as one of Israel’s founding fathers, a visionary leader who played a key role in establishing the State of Israel and shaping its identity.

A passionate advocate for Zionism and Jewish self-determination, Ben Gurion was a man of principle, courage, and vision, who inspired generations of Israelis and Jews around the world.

As we celebrate Israel’s Independence Day, it is worth remembering some of his powerful and inspiring quotes, which still resonate today:


David ben gurion quotes


“We hereby declare the establishment of a Jewish state in the land of Israel.”

This is arguably Ben Gurion’s most famous and historic statement, marking the official declaration of Israel’s independence on May 14, 1948. The proclamation of a Jewish state in the land of Israel was the culmination of decades of struggle, sacrifice, and perseverance by Zionist leaders and activists, who sought to realize the dream of a national homeland for the Jewish people. Ben Gurion’s leadership and vision played a crucial role in this historic achievement, which remains a source of pride and inspiration for Jews around the world.



David ben gurion quotes


“One does not write history, but makes it.”

This quote reflects Ben Gurion’s belief in the importance of action, initiative, and leadership in shaping the course of history. Ben Gurion was not content to simply observe or comment on the events of his time, but sought to actively shape them according to his vision and values. He was a man of action, who took risks, made bold decisions, and faced challenges with courage and determination. His legacy as a leader and statesman is a testament to the power of individual agency and the capacity of human beings to influence the course of history.



David ben gurion quotes


“A homeland cannot be bought with money or conquered with a sword. You have to create it with the sweat of a brow.”

This reflects Ben Gurion’s appreciation for hard work, dedication, and perseverance in building a homeland for the Jewish people. He recognized that the establishment and development of a Jewish state required not only political and military action, but also social, economic, and cultural efforts to build a vibrant and sustainable society. Ben Gurion believed in the value of labor, education, and innovation as essential components of a thriving and prosperous Jewish homeland.


David ben gurion quotes


“Our future does not depend on what the Gentiles will say but on what the Jews will do.”

This highlights Ben Gurion’s emphasis on Jewish self-reliance, empowerment, and responsibility. He rejected the idea of Jewish victimhood or passivity, and urged his fellow Jews to take charge of their own destiny and not rely on the goodwill or support of others. He believed that Jews had the capacity and the duty to shape their own future, and to be active agents of change in the world.


David ben gurion quotes


“The fate of Israel depends on two things- its strength and its righteousness.”

This reflects Ben Gurion’s belief in the importance of both military and moral strength in securing Israel’s future. He recognized the need for Israel to maintain a strong and effective defense capability, in the face of threats and challenges from its neighbors and enemies. At the same time, he stressed the importance of upholding the values of justice, freedom, and democracy, which are the foundation of Israel’s identity and legitimacy as a Jewish and democratic state.



“As long as a person is alive, he can change.”

This shows Ben Gurion’s belief in the potential of human beings to grow, learn, and transform throughout their lives. He recognized that individuals and societies are not fixed or static entities, but are capable of adaptation and renewal in response to new challenges and opportunities. He believed in the power of education, culture, and social change to transform people’s lives and improve the world around them.



“There is no single person who determines the fate of a country and there is no person you cannot do without.”

This quote highlights Ben Gurion’s appreciation for collective effort, teamwork, and diversity in building a strong and resilient society. He recognized the importance of cooperation, dialogue, and respect for different opinions and perspectives, in order to build a cohesive and inclusive society.

Ben Gurion believed that the success of any society or country depended not on the actions of a single individual, but on the contributions and efforts of all its members. He emphasized the need for collaboration and cooperation between people from different backgrounds and beliefs, in order to build a unified and prosperous society.


David ben gurion quotes


“With mere skepticism, nothing can be achieved.”

This reflects Ben Gurion’s belief in the importance of optimism, vision, and action in achieving success and progress. He recognized that skepticism and cynicism could be obstacles to creativity, innovation, and change, and that a positive and hopeful attitude was essential for overcoming obstacles and achieving goals. He believed in the power of human imagination and creativity, and encouraged others to think big and act boldly in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations.


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